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    All types of Guitar Bone Accessories
    We are the manufacturer of guitar
    parts accessories made through bone and horn
    We are specialised in any kind of bone horn insturmental parts.
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    Piano Accessories
    made by bone
    we make all piano parts!
    We are proud to deliver quality piano accessories through
    worldwide through our channel partners or delievered by ourself
    relevant, accuracy and quality is our policy.
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    Ivory & Bone Piano
    & Harpsichord Keys
    the world can be yours!
    A major supplier of bone and fossil ivory (Camel & Cattle bone) guitar
    and violin parts. No minimum order and all orders.
    have a low flat rate shipping charge to US addresses

Looking for a Authantic & Genuine Accessories?

We as a big manufacturer of all kind of instrumental parts and supply world wide without any hassle. We ensure you to deliver all products properly crossed check with every angle then dispatch with non damage assurance.

Welcome to Guiter Bone Parts

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Welcome to guitarbone parts .com,  we are manufacturer and Exporters of Camel bone & Buffelo  Horn Blank nuts and saddles , Piano key top Use For Guitar & Pianos Parts  , Camel Bone Plates, and mostly preveable items of guitar and pianos like bone saddles and nuts Since 1980s. At that time, a cheap guitar , pianos and cue of pool and different types of Handicraft items are maded in horn and born in three kind of product natural bone horn , vintage bone horn and amber bone horn ,
It all began to change with the retro-fit revolution of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when some companies in business in same scene.
Since the things have changed out of all proportion . These days it only takes a quick trawal aroung the web to find out about the most arcane aspects of guitar parts ,
As well as showcasing some of my own work, these pages also provide links to some of the sites and people who I’ve found helpful, or have impressed me with their work and wares. I hope you find on this webside on your choises to want……
We are presenting you all types of handicraft item on useful to guitar and pianos are available in there and also I hope we will give you whatever your choices… and your choices is There:--------



We are the largest and trusted manufacturer of horn bone guitar parts ...Supply our products worlwide without any hassle.








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